Business Development Projects

Representative example projects in business development and market intelligence are highlighted below:

MP900387779Partners/Acquisition Targets
Identify, research and analyze strategic partners and potential acquisition targets for a large, international water treatment equipment supplier to further their initiative to expand into the service and chemical solutions area of the water treatment industry.

Strategic Workshop and Strategic Planning
Strategic planning for one of the top multinational companies in the water sector to help position them in new strategic growth areas, including smart metering, asset management and customer service.

Market Study of a Specialty Membrane Technology
Analysis of a specialty membrane product, their world-wide competitors, history of the technology, industry growth, market trends, anticipated growth, technical challenges, etc. A comprehensive report was submitted on our findings.

AWWA Membrane Study
Research and report on primary membrane contacts in all 50 states, Washington DC and Quebec and survey the contacts on the status of municipal membrane filtration systems. This information was provided to AWWA and was presented at multiple conferences.

Commercial and Technical Product Development
Two year initiative with an international filtration equipment manufacturer. This company provides automatic self-cleaning filters and asked our firm to help them enter the North American market for municipal water treatment systems, cooling towers and prefiltration to surface water and seawater prior to membrane filtration systems. Herschell Environmental collaborated with the client to strategize market entry, locate projects, qualify projects, oversee pilot tests, educate engineering firm personnel on the technology, represent the client at conferences, track projects andwrite proposals..

Industrial Membrane Market Study
Research and compile a comprehensive report on the industrial market and the commercial outlook in the North American market for an international membrane filter supplier. Areas of focus in the report included food and beverage, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, power, pulp and paper, water reuse and general industrial.

17 MP900341902Sales, Marketing and Technical Consultation
A year long initiative to assist an early stage oxidation and disinfection technology company to enter the municipal market. Herschell Environmental assisted the client by identifying viable projects, introducing the client to key contacts, coordinating water samples for testing the effectiveness of the technology on various water qualities, educating the engineering community on the technology and advising them on mitigation of technical issues.