Business Development Services

Herschell Environmental understands that significant opportunities exist for companies, municipalities and clients in water, wastewater and stormwater technologies. We also understand that these parties rely on different drivers to value water and the costs of water treatment. Many of these factors revolve around the ability to provide water at a fair price. Herschell Environmental has had the opportunity to advise a variety of clients on strategy and market approach, considering the water market dynamics. Some of these services include:

• Technology analysis24 MP910220933
• Comparison of key players in the market
• SWOT analysis of companies and products
• Business models for efficient market entry
• Solution based selling
• Infrastructure needs analysis
• Regulatory policy review
• Conservation, reuse and recycling of water
• Impact of waste disposal

Herschell Environmental provides business development services to a range of clients with varying commercial approaches and technologies. Our comprehensive business development services typically involve strategic planning, market analysis, sales support, educating decision makers at engineering firms and end users and engineering and technical support. Our clients may be domestic or international. Their common thread is a desire to gain a greater presence in the North American marketplace. They have a treatment technology, process or service and want to accelerate market entry and they look to Herschell Environmental for our strong expertise and history of success.

Herschell Environmental’s associates have spearheaded nearly 30 business development programs. These include products and engineering services for various markets, including the oil and gas industry, agricultural/irrigation industry, municipal water industry, wastewater industry and compressed air industry. Our value-added service accelerates corporate growth and rapid realization of revenues and profits.

We offer commercial support to help companies objectively analyze their products and market entry interests and efforts. These services include the following:

  • Conventional water and wastewater treatmentSpyglass on a Map
  • Low pressure hollow fiber membranes
  • High pressure spiral wound membranes
  • Tubular membranes
  • Pre-filters and media filters
  • Clarifiers
  • Pumps
  • Control systems
  • Dissolved air floatation
  • Sludge screens
  • Digesters

The scope of services varies for each client. It can be as narrow as providing specific market information or lead generation or as broad as teaming to define the strategy, directing market entry efforts, introducing and evaluating funding options, organizing and delivering sales presentations, overseeing regulatory approvals, third party testing and certifications and piloting, augmenting technical resources, providing field service support for piloting and full-scale system commissioning, informing key industry consultants on the product or service and preparing formal proposals.

There are myriad combinations of services that Herschell Environmental may provide. We are driven to rise to the challenge presented by each new opportunity.