Engineering Services

Our team is experienced in system and process engineering to integrate various systems into an overall design that best fits our client’s water treatment and economic needs. Additionally, we are skilled in traditional engineering services such as permitting, pipeline and pump station design.

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Stormwater – Stormwater management is constantly evolving. There are stricter regulations and emerging technologies that make projects such as flood control and water quality treatment more and more challenging. Herschell has the expertise to provide guidance and sound engineering to meet these challenges.

Permitting – Herschell Environmental’s associates have a reputation for using practical consulting processes and have a complete understanding of the regulatory framework to devise innovative solutions for challenging projects.

Process Engineering – Herschell Environmental has the knowledge base of water quality, technical options and parameters effecting system performance to design a cost effective and reliable treatment system to resolve water, wastewater and stormwater issues.

Membrane System Design – Accurate system design is critical to getting the most from your water treatment system. There are myriad factors that impact the productivity and output of a system. Our team has a deep knowledge of various membrane technologies and their application. We are a valued teaming partner for large membrane projects and a lead engineering firm on smaller projects.

Project Management – Our associates have expertise in managing projects effectively from inception to completion, with a focus on delivering the completed project at or under budget and on time.

Engineering services offered by Herschell Environmental are:

  • Pilot Oversight
  • Treatment System Start-up
  • Process and Mechanical Design
  • Water Treatment System Design
  • Pilot System Design
  • Stormwater PermittingArkal 2
  • Stormwater Modeling
  • MS4 Planning and Permitting
  • Piping and Pump Station Design
  • System Optimization
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Energy Evaluation
  • Sludge Treatment Facilities
  • Collection System Design
  • Project Management
  • Membrane system design

Herschell Environmental is in a unique position to offer our clients assistance in selecting and applying a broad range of water treatment technologies. Our associates have generated considerable experience with regard to the engineering and application of conventional treatment technologies, innovative treatment technologies and membrane technologies. We have honed the ability to analyze a client’s treatment application and assess the treatment options, evaluating various technologies by designing process options and determining the associated capital and operating costs. Based on the final analysis, we recommend the most cost effective system to address the client’s water treatment issues.

Herschell Environmental is well-versed in a variety of technologies:

  • Conventional water and wastewater treatmentMembrane System
  • Low pressure hollow fiber membranes
  • High pressure spiral wound membranes
  • Tubular membranes
  • Pre-filters and media filters
  • Clarifiers
  • Pumps
  • Control systems
  • Dissolved air floatation
  • Sludge screens
  • Digesters

The challenge of sorting through a host of technologies available in the marketplace can be overwhelming. New technologies and treatment methods are developed and brought to market with notable frequency. Herschell Environmental attempts to stay abreast of emerging technologies through its network of contacts in the industry and media searches. We believe it is important for clients to have access to the best available technology, whether that is the latest technical innovation or a technology with a long term proven track record. Having worked for manufacturing firms we understand how the systems operate, manufacturer’s claims and the support resources of various equipment suppliers. Having experience in both the technical and commercial disciplines in the water treatment industry, Herschell Environmental can accurately evaluate the ability of a particular supplier to support the installation and servicing of their equipment. Considering the parameters above, we conduct the investigation based on the client’s requirements, consider various treatment options and support needs with a focus on technical and geographic considerations, evaluate the viable options and offer that assessment to our client with recommendations for the optimal solution.