Judith Herschell Recently Elected to PWAbsorbents Board of Directors

Judith Herschell, President of Herschell Environmental was recently elected to the Board of Directors of Produced Water Absorbents.  PWAbsorbents provides produced water solutions to the oil, gas and coal industries.  By using the truly disruptive material, Osorb, PWAbsorbents improves the resource recovery and environmental protections of drilling or mining operations.  Judith Herschell has over two decades of experience working in advanced water treatment and engineered systems, with a particular emphasis on membrane filtration. As a skilled commercial and general manager, she has been a key component in the success of several high-technology companies. She earned a BS in Psychology and a BS in Biology from Geneva University, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, and a MS from California University of Pennsylvania.

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